About Us

Ever Gourmet was born as a community initiative in Toronto during the global pandemic of 2020. We believe that proper nutrition is a cornerstone of staying active and healthy in today's hectic world. Whatever your goals are, whether you're trying to lose weight, stay fit, or try a new lifestyle like Keto or Vegan, we have a meal plan for you. Ever Gourmet has the widest menu selection available in Toronto.

Certified Chef de Cuisine

At the heart of our company is a Canadian Certified Chef de Cuisine with more than 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Our chef has a passion for flavours and experimental cooking techniques. He got his start in a family-owned restaurant on the Amalfi coast of Italy where he used hand-picked herbs and veggies from his backyard garden. Before moving to Canada, he worked in Michelin Star restaurants in Paris.

Our team loves to travel and we always come back with suitcases full of new ingredients to enjoy in the comfort of our own kitchen (or couch). We are thrilled to share all these recipes from around the world with you now. 

Hand-Selected Ingredients

All of our meals are freshly cooked with hand-selected ingredients and positive vibes. They're conveniently packaged, individually customized to your needs, and delivered straight to your doorstep. Imagine indulging in an authentic Falafel Bowl for lunch and a hearty serving of Beef Bourguignon for dinner. We have something for everyone!

An added bonus: No grocery shopping, no recipes, no cooking, and no dishes. That means more time spent with your loved ones while enjoying the Ever Gourmet flavours. Get fresh with us!